Hurrah for Good Design

I was so happy to see that the Senior Center Committee is going with Plan A.

It really is a no brainer.      Instead of choosing another Sullivan building, the Senior Center Committee made a choice that will complement abutters, add value to the neighborhood and make it above all a pleasant place for seniors AND continue the former functions of the Cushing Park.    I am VERY pleased.    Yes, I would chip in on any fundraiser being held and do it confidently we are adding an asset to the City. 
Unfortunately, I have to be realistic and the Mayor is right, the longer we wait, the more expensive the building is going to be!       The seniors may not like it, but some cries for this to be a community center, not just for seniors may end up becoming a viable option at least to get the entire city behind the cost.   
Ugh, 6.8 Million dollars and rising!    What with other public buildings deteriorating, it may be the only way to push it through.    And we need to hurry.    This may turn into a 10 Million dollar project if we sit on our hands.
-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Hurrah for Good Design

  1. Unknown says:

    PP, Glad you agree with the end result. One slight correction to the design you have on your post is that the final iteration of Plan A has the building pushed more to the corner of Kent and Washington as many of the neighbors wanted. Therefore there is a little more separation for the immediate abutter on Kent Street. Also the parking flow is a little different. Today\’s Daily News has the final version on their website. The final version will be posted on the City\’s website soon at and will also be available at City Hall for viewing.Councillor Ed Cameron

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