House by House

Considering the present City Hall does not recognize the economic and historic benefits of restoring the brick sidewalks in our historic neighborhoods; its going to be up to each homeowner or group of homeowners to work to the goal of looking like the neighborhoods of Portsmouth, NH.        Street after street of consistent medium (brick) that generates the message, "This place is historic!" and promotes safety and improved property values.
I don’t know which tradesman finally broke through to the carpetbagger owner of 38 Federal Street but I would like to thank them.    I noticed that Coastal Landscaping did the fine job but if they were the influence, I do not know.       Regardless of the past desecration of the former Windsor Inn building; the owner has done a great service in adding yet another contribution to the historic streetscape.
There is an effort right now to create an organization similar to the Friends of the Newburyport Tree Committee, to promote residents to use the historic brick inside the National Register of Historic Places; to push for a city ordinance that stipulates brick sidewalks inside the historic district and to educate and inform residences of how to care for brick sidewalks and to inform them of the rich history.           If anyone is interested in participating in such a group, please contact Jerry A. Mullins at Citizens for Environmental Balance, his e-mail is      It was CEB that supported the recent effort of the John Bromfield Brick Sidewalk Fund before the Community Preservation Committee of CPA.
I am trying not to be cynical but I would be re-miss not mention it is often the developers who desecrate the historic integrity of the buildings that will try to mitigate the destruction and offense to the neighbors by installing historic brick sidewalks in front of their botched abortions.         The cynicism comes from the fact that the IRS has codified the financial benefit of putting in these sidewalks in an historic district.        There is definitely cynicism present but I am actually not cynical.   
I am appreciative.      One more house toward the goal!
-P. Preservationist

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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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