The Bracket Heel Building

I have mixed feelings about the proposed development behind Port Tavern and Taffy’s.       This structure has largely been underutilized and has sat mostly empty for decades.     The area in the back between it and Pleasant Street is depressing.     I dare you to step back there and see it.      Standing there you will feel like you have stepped outside a time machine into the 1970’s!      I commend Stonehaven Realty Development in these tricky times moving forward in making this structure into a top-notch office building even though I have been horrified at the brutish way they have been dealing with the exterior’s historic brick facade.       I understand that situation has been remedied and a new mason has been hired to oversee the proper development of this 1850 structure.
What everyone is concerned about is the precedent.      If Stonehaven receives the approval for the height extension, where will it stop?       Let’s face it, the "view" is a money-maker in a day where its hard to make money.         Once the gate has been opened, who will be next?      The Dodge building?     Downtown structures?      We know this is not a straw dog because the area is surrounded by residences who have built the strangest "platforms" one can imagine for that pricey "view".
So the question to be made is simple.      How far will the City lose its soul so it can make money?
I assure it won’t be just the historic preservationists who will be watching nervously.      New England Development and other developers will be watching very closely all with a glint in their eye.
For those who may be concerned, I have posted the ZBA hearing under Alerts.
-P. Preservationist

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