Nice Setup for Future Battles

Believe it or not, the P. Preservationist is not a political site – politics is just one more tool in the bag of seeking the historic preservation and enrichment of our community.    So this will be the last ‘political’ comment for a while.
So saying that, let me say it is very tempting to jump up in joy and cheer the great results but the situation is simply one step toward the end goals.     So, on the candidates that have won, I am happy.     Now comes the task of watching their performance and cheering on those who need encouragement and pressuring those who wish to obstruct.
I know I am a one-issue candidate but I also know there are over a dozen different topics that challenge Newburyport – I feel we have a great group of people who will wisely handle them.
Here, again, is strictly my opinion and if I hear from someone that I have painted them wrong, I will quickly change the colors!
FOR the local historic district ordinance expansion: (Details are irrelevant right now.)
Mayor Holaday, Councilor-elect Heartquist, Councilors Cameron, Derrivan, Erls, Hutchinson, Ives, Jones and Councilor-elect Herzog.
Against as I perceive, Councilor-elect Cronin and Councilor O’Brien (Though to be fair, he has NEVER said he is against the expansion.)
I am very pleased that we have a super majority.       It will be crucial with such a lineup that we do not squander that lead with arrogance, crudity and above all else, obnoxiousness.     We need to push forward with diplomacy and take all criticism as constructive.       It will make for a better LHD.
As for Bob Cronin, I hope he takes his statement that he will listen to his constituents seriously.      We are going from an ardent preservationist who is super pro-city planning to a guy who wants to dismantle the CPA and fight against the LHD.      He does have some great experience.      What I hope for is for him to be hemmed in on his wacky concepts but allowed to contribute on all the other pressing issues before the City.      If he is serious about lowering taxes, he should join voices with Councilor Jones who has for years been concerned about the burden of the citizens!
As it stands right now, he’s going to be a rodeo horse in the china shop.     The question will be, ‘Will he be constructive or destructive?’
-P. Preservationist

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