I laughed Outloud!

The Daily News is often called the Daily Snooze because in many cases, they are known not to do investigative articles and are often reactive in their reporting.     But these two articles recently have had me in stitches!    The first was rather entertaining, "City sues to get vital link in rail trail Complaint" by Katy Curley on October 31st.       The second had me just bursting out in laughter!     The article, "Owner: Electric Co. holding up project" by Katy Curley on November 6th was just a classic example of point-counterpoint and written in just a dry, matter-of-fact style that was simply excellent.
Mind you, I am not laughing at Mr. Carey.     The Bible is very clear that when your enemies find themselves in trouble, we should not delight in their misery.      It also says we should, "pray for them".     Heck, I don’t consider Mr. Carey my enemy.     He has actually done a thoughtful and contributory role as a member of the Community Preservation Committee.     Rather I feel sorry for him.        He is just not a very good practising dark sider.        I personally think that his shoddiness in method is why he is being put up as a scapegoat.
Any historian knows there are seminal moments in history where a great sea change occurs.      The Daily News had another article called, "Embracing Change in City Hall".    I think this sudden action against a friend of the Mayor is a signal that things are going to be different in City Hall. (Well, at least for two years.)      I am very encouraged and hope this means that our city administration is going to function out in the open, legitimately and truthfully and avoid the politics of destruction and secret deals.    Okay, I’m a sappy optimist.
As for the Rail Trail issue, I am not a "journalist" so I can’t work the function of a "Talking Head" and tell you what these two articles mean for Newburyport.     I’ll just say that if you want to know how typical dark siders work, read the two articles and keep in mind such dealings have been going on for decades on many different topics and not so clumsily as this example.       Sorry, Light Siders.      It’s terribly true.
-P. Preservationist

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