The Local Historic District is Very Necessary

There are so many people who live here who argue that establishing an expanded local historic district is totally unnecessary.     They point to the condition of our city right now and look at how well the downtown and the neighborhoods have been restored.        And it is true that the vast majority of newcomers to our city have decided to live here fully understanding that they have a responsibility to not only live comfortably but to sustain the nation’s heritage, keep up the historic appearance of our city and to do everything in their power to make sure Newburyport has a high quality of life.     But that argument is fallacious!
We have a minority who come here drawn by the sheer beauty and high quality of life and the first thing they do is work to destroy the very reason we are a special place.    Worse, we have residents who have lived here a long time, some have been born here and some still who have generations here; who argue that their comfort and what they want trumps the good of the community.       Their long standing gives them the right to cut themselves or punch themselves in the face – hey, they’ve been here a long time.      Granted the winters here will make you want to do that to yourself but why make others around you suffer?
That is why such events as well-documented and covered (another positive nod to the Daily News) as the demolition of 30 Marlboro Street causes us to see the utter urgency of the matter.     Watch the video and realize that the destruction is based on shallow excuses.
Thanks to the Daily News, again, we have documented evidence that where there is a will there is a way to preserve these buildings.     Their Port in Progress documents for all to see on the Internet that horribly deteriorated structures can be saved.
I hope that the new administration puts instituting the LHD as a top priority and the LHD Study Committee will be up to the task and will have the political courage to press forward.     Word is that the "desolators" have all agreed that they can just wait out these demolition delays and do what they want and the Zoning (instituted after World War II) will help them along.
Let’s get the LHD done!
-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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