Charles Street Schoolhouse

I know that Halloween is past and the spooky stories about Ghosts and Witches have been left behind in October, but to tie up some loose ends, I wanted to reveal the location of the Haunted Charles Street Schoolhouse.     According to the 1851 Map of Newburyport, the building is located at 34-36 Charles Street.     The Assessor’s map will reveal the age of the building as 1900 but that was the date it was converted into a two-family structure.      My home has an 1850 date but the actual structure inside at least on the first floor is from the 1700’s.     The home was actually buillt into a Greek Revival in 1840 and the 1851 Map was made to prepare a survey in preparation of Newburyport becoming a city.      For convenience sake, if the date was uncertain, an 1850 was assigned to the building.       If you look at the City’s Historical Survey, there are a LOT of 1850 homes!    It certainly complicates things as I do research on House Stories.

If you drive down Charles Street, don’t be disappointed if there is an absence of a creepy feeling as you pass by, the poltergeist has not been heard from since 1875 and residents of the homes have heard and felt nothing for years.
If you do get a creepy feeling running up your leg, check for spiders.    It’s not the first time the little buggers have gotten into cars.
-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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