Wind Turbine Ordinance Review

One of many tricks that developers do to try to push through an unpopular project is to have continual delays.       The best way to extinquish the fire in peoples’ bellies is to schedule a meeting with the planning board or the ZBA.     As the opponents rally round the troops and schedule the show down, the applicant arranges for a continuance.      Then another continuance and so on, etc.       By the time the hearing occurs which is usually during the holidays or in the summer, the mob has dissipated and the project can push forward.     
Well, it is time to rally the troops and give out the call.          There are many changes that are being recommended and if just a fraction are adopted, then the likelihood of another monster being put out in the industrial park is going to be highly unlikely.      Of course, the advocates don’t want any changes unless they are simply cosmetic.     As Ed Ramsdell stated in a public hearing, "The ZBA has reviewed the Wind Energy Ordinance and feel it is fine as it is".        Yeah, like the ZBA knows anything about what is "fine".     There are over a hundred examples around Newburyport that indicate what is "fine" according to the ZBA.         They can not be trusted to guarantee the preservation of the citizens quality of life.
One of the fine examples of changes coming to City Hall was the Kiosks that were erected by Donna Holaday at her first political rally.      It was early in the campaign and the number who attended was not high.           Each Kiosk had issues that she addessed quite distinctly with documentation and descriptions.     She was very clear on the Wind Energy Ordinance.      She heavily favored the protection of the abutters and neighborhoods and she provided a detailed document of many recommendations that should be enacted.        
I have under the "Current Events" folder below, information on those recommendations.        I also have enclosed many pertinent drawings and graphs dealing with the ordinance.     Please download what you need if you plan on attending tomorrow night.    If I obtain more data, I will add it to the pile.
The proponents are hoping that people are getting used to seeing the Wind Turbine and that enthusiasm has died down.      Let us not be fooled.       They claimed that the "noise" factor was not an issue.      Thankfully, citizens exploring the Clipper City Rail Trail have witnessed the loud noise.       What they don’t realize ia that because the Backbay is at near equal height, the noise strikes that neighborhood with a greater force than if you are at the bottom of the tower.        Proponents poo, pooed the flicker and now people have seen it for themselves.         They have denied any danger to businesses and residents if there is a tower failure and laugh at the possibility that birds and wildlife are affected by ELF.  (Extra Low Frequency)
I, of course, as an historic preservationist want the tower gone because it detracts from heritage tourism.     We were told that the tower would be barely visible from Route One by the river.    Now, it looms and can be seen quite succinctly from just about all points of the city and far out at sea.       
Let us hope that common sense and quality of life issues prevail tomorrow night.
-P. Preservationist

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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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