It’s going to get hot in December!

Two hot potatoe items just came out of the Planning & Development Committee.          Because they deal with zoning issues, after they are approved by City Council (Whch occurred last night); there must be two joint public hearings with the City Council and the Planning Board in attendance before the rulings actually become written into the ordinances.
The first is the Mobile Sign Ordinance.       This is to address vehicles or trailers that are towed by vehicles that specifically exist for advertising.         Of course, this wouldn’t have become an issue if Germinara and his ‘ugly truck’ hadn’t pressed the issue.      I expect some interesting antics at these public hearings.
The second is changes to the Wind Energy Ordinance.     I expect a lot of pressure from the Energy Advisory Committee and other groups to have the City Council moderate the changes specifically the setback requirement of 900 feet from a residential zone.         They have already expressed their concerns that this will basically prevent any more from being built out in the industrial zone.       I hope they are right in their fears, but personally I don’t think it is true.         It will be very important that the City Council receives many letters and phone calls encouraging adoption of ALL of the recommendations by the Planning & Development Committee.
-P. Preservationist

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