Newburyport’s Benefits from the CPA, Part 2

I will try to refrain from pontificating.     Here are the benefits SO FAR from CPA.
Restoration of the exterior of City Hall.
An affordable housing project at the Foundry. (Formerly the old DPW Complex off Merrimac Street)
An affordable housing project on Woodman Street
The establishment of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
The restoration of windows and new roof at the Custom House.
The establishment of an Open Space Fund. (Potentially for parks, playgrounds and protection of agricultural and watershed properties.)
The purchase and planting of trees along the City’s sidewalks. (Therefore restoring one of Newburyport’s distinctive features.)
The restoration of the exterior of the Old South Church. (An international cultural heritage site.)
The restoration of the Newburyport Art Association with a new roof and structural help.
The purchase and restoration of the Powder House. (A major cultural heritage site in Newburyport)
The purchase of a new roof for the Masonic Temple.
The purchase of the Cooper North Pasture as a conservation area and for watershed protection.
The purchase of the Common Pasture Wet Meadows. (Of which some monies were restored as other grant programs kicked in.)
The purchase of the Newburyport’s side of Coffin’s Island in the Common Pasture.
The restoration of Mosely Woods City Park.
The restoration of the Brown Square.
The restoration of the chapel at St. Paul’s.
Monies for additional accommodations for the Clipper City Rail Trail
The Purchase of the Guilford Railway properties opening up the Clipper City Rail Trail, Phase II and protecting another watershed and well.
Restoration of the Oak Hill Cemetery
Restoration of the exterior of the Palladium building at Oak Hill Cemetery
Essex Heritage signage for the Little River Nature Trail.
Restoration of the Atkinson Common Park
Restoration money for the Kelley School as it gets re-adapted into a Youth Center.
Money to fund the pursuit of the expanded local historic district in Newburyport.
Purchase and restoration money for the Perkins Mint. (First mint in America.)
And I have probably forgotten some significant project.    I do know there are some projects being considered in the near future:
Restoration program for the Brick Sidewalks in the City.
Signage for the Newburyport Historic District
Restoration of the World War II Memorial Stadium
Additional monies for restoration of our historic cemeteries
And of course feeding more cash into the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and the Open Space Fund.
Whew!     CPA has provided such an impact and yet there could be more!     As Essex National Heritage Commission pursues their Essex Heritage National Byway, there is potential that infrastructure such as sidewalks, lampposts, information plaques and visitor services could be applied for with federal money and CPA could be the matchng funds going toward that venue!     
The future for CPA and Newburyport is very bright indeed!*
-P. Preservationist
* There is the potential that matching monies from the Commonwealth will be increased if the bill, SB 90 finally passes next year.

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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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