Patriotic Duty

Mary Haslinger’s excellent editorial today in the Daily News reminded me that I am forgetting a fundamental point in preserving the Newburyport Historic District.       Her point is so true, those who worked against Byron Matthews and others who were looking solely on the economic benefits side were actually dedicated to preserving one of our Nation’s precious historic gems.        Little did they realize and some did not live to see it; the City becoming the posh and dynamic economic engine it is today.      They were doing it so a national treasure could be saved from the wrecking ball.        They didn’t do accounting ledgers seaking a benefit down the road.    The saw the deliverance of Newburyport so citizens and international visitors could point to our American Heritage and see a genuine example and students could learn from an authentic laboratory.
Sure, there are so many benefits to historic preservation that I am having trouble crafting all of it into a single brochure. (Not a good marketing method – you don’t want to overload the reader)   And yet, what I should be doing is draping myself in red, white and blue!    
I am not being sarcastic.     
I mean it.        Historic preservation is truly our patriotic duty.
-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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