Senior Center at Towle Property?

Can you imagine a senior citizen walking around the excitement and bustle of the downtown and then someone says, ‘Hey, see you over at the Senior Center!"    Later, the same senior citizen strolls over past the Black Cow, past Michael’s Harborside, under the Route 1 bridge, across the Harborwalk, through Cashman Park and into the Senior Center.
One, he better invest in one of those motorized scooters. (Though our seniors are a hardy bunch!)    Two, it will guarantee an unbroken link between the Center and the activities of the downtown.      This is one of the priorities that supporters have sought all along which is why so many keep talking of putting one on the waterfront.      This way it will be on A waterfront.
Thanks to Councilor Cameron, I won’t rely on the Daily News concerning the date of the public hearing.    It will be the 21st not this Monday.     
I have to agree with Mayor Moak.     At face value, there are still a lot of hurdles that would have to be accomplished to make this happen.       And yes, the Mayor has a point.    Look at the loss of proerty taxes over the years.        Makes one pause.
City Coucilors are not in the mood to entertain a debt exclusion or a bond payment but who knows.     The saving grace would be a grant or loan program from the Feds or the state.     There might be one out there!
The plus would be the preservation of a park in the city and a location more conducive to the downtown.        
Literally, time will tell.    Let’s see at the public hearing.
-P. Preservationist

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