Garage is for Us not NED

In today’s article in the Newburyport Business, ‘Holaday wants garage on Titcomb street site’, I took great offense at  Ms. Godtfredsen’s comment.

Julia Godtfredsen, the city’s director of policy and administration, expressed doubts about

recommending any site before the city knows what New England Development is going to do

with its land on the river, called Waterfront West. She said: “The final determination will be

based on something that hasn’t happened yet. I can’t see spending a lot of resources without

knowing the specific conditions.”

I am so glad that Mayor Moak is leaving us!      This short paragrah shows that the present mayor has the wrong priorities.     

This parking garage is for us, Newburyporters not New England Development.       Newburyporters by a solid majority want the Central Waterfront left as a park which will precipitate a loss of parking.      The present mayor always wanted "pretty parking lots" there.            The new mayor has the proper priorities and knows the feeling of the vast majority of, yes, taxpayers not a big corporation’s intentions.           According to the Waterfront West Overlay District, NED has to provide their own parking.       And if they can’t do WWOD due to FEMA flood maps, ‘Oh Well’, the parking garage is still needed.

If someone would ask me (And no one is going to), I would recommend NED work out a private/public arrangement for the Titcomb Street Property that would speed up the building of the garage and help provide off-site parking for the WWOD.       But that is strictly my opinion but it does make sense especially when I know the NED shadow falls deeply over the parking site committee.

-P. Preservationist



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