More Voices Needed

I was thinking, when I saw the editorial today in the Daily News, where are all the voices in our city on historic preservation?      I saw a few weeks ago a nice insert by Bill Harris over the Historic Landmark effort but that was a rarity.        If historic preservation efforts are to ever make an impact and become front and center once again in City Hall’s policy decisions, we must hear from many different voices not just a few that we would expect.    There must be more than one Mary Haslinger out there who cares about the history and our historic neighborhoods.


I realize that the Current and the Daily News have greatly curtailed circulation in this era of the Internet but the point must be made, these are papers of record.       Those who are concerned and those who will participate in the political arena make it a point to monitor these papers and other news vehicles in town.    


And the biggest thing, these are the people who vote.      Many voices from many perspectives will prove to these readers that historic preservation is an integral part of our community not a minority view.


Start thinking, start writing and most important, start making a difference.


-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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