How True in Politics

Councilor McCavitt’s observations in the Daily News today were quite true.     Politicians who stand on principled positions and fight to correct often illegal or at the very least hurtful actions in government are often treated as being in the wrong.       This happens to concerned citizens, too who can receive a lot of grieve for trying to push for waht is right.     In contrast, people will often think you are doing well because you are going along with the accepted line.       In other words, let’s not ruffle any feathers and keep quiet.
The trouble is that incorrect actions or moves by the city are often based on long traditions .      In short, ‘hey, we’ve been doing it this way for years!    What makes it wrong now?’      
The trouble is that what has been "acceptable" is either against the law, or is just plain wrong morally or ethically or is based on a false pretense.        It will often be that something that’s been done a certain way will pave the path for many to be hurt in the future or detrimental to the entire City.  
We really do need politicians who aren’t afraid to stand up and say that ‘something’ has got to be fixed!       And yes, a lot of smoke and fire may erupt over principle.     If we had not had principled politicians in the past, we would still see some slaves toiling away in one of the mansions on The Ridge!     
Rev. George Whitfield as historic and internationally famous as he is today was hated by many in Newburport.     Mr. Garrison had to flee Newburyport and many thought, ‘good riddance’ and Mayor Cushing was hated for taking his stance.       
It’s an unpleasant occurrence but without the "principled" no wrongs would be corrected and no improvements would be made toward a brighter future.     Submissive bureacracy accomplishes nothing!
Let’s have more citizens and politicians in our city fight for what is right!
-P. Preservationist

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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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