Joseph Goebbels would be proud!

Talk about disconnnect.
Until today, I have been proud of the Daily News.       Their coverage on the Brown-Coakley Race has been very even-handed.     They have fairly peppered the editorial page with opinions from both sides.       It’s been very edifying.
Then I read the articles today.      Then I saw what’s been going on for the last couple days.       Apparently all the energy by the Coakley side was inside Michael’s Harborside because the few supporters holding signs outside were a flacid crowd.     No energy, not even when they were taunted by the Brown supporters on the bridge!      Then, they cheered briefly for the Attorney General and quickly dispersed.      Most of them came over and gave the Brown supporters the high sign and some of them said they were going to vote for Scott Brown!     I couldn’t confirm it but someone said they were ‘hired’.       Why on earth would you hire someone when there are plenty of Democrats in the city?       Very strange.
Then, the energy out there was with the Scott Brown supporters.     I mean, there aren’t that many Republicans in town.     I was impressed with the large rally at Market Square, and it was large.   (Where are the photos showng the true size of the rallies?)   And then there was the cars passing by honking and honking and honking.        That was what was so impressive.       
I saw no sign of accurate reporting here.     If you’re a journalist, please report what you saw.       What was not said has been thunderous!      Joseph Goebbels was proclaiming victory while the Russians were surrounding Berlin.        The German people believed him and they needlessly suffered.
Let’s have some real journalists reporting honestly.       No wonder the new media is trumping the old.
-P. Preservationist

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