Very Confusing – Wind Energy Ordinance Changes

Emily McCourt from the Planning Office has just made the following announcement:
"The Council actually withdrew the proposed amendments to the Wind Energy Conversion Facility Ordinance, so the Planning Board WILL NOT discuss this item tomorrow evening as originally scheduled. We expect the Council to refer the matter to the Board again following review by the ‘new’ Planning & Development Committee. I would be happy to notify you with updates on the timeline, if interested."

At first, when I heard this I was steaming!     My first reaction was that the alternative-energy crowd had put pressure to have these ordinance changes withdrawn.

But Ms. McCourt indicated very clearly that the ‘new’ Planning & Development Committee wanted to review the changes.        The committee is now peopled with the likes of Councilors Derrivan, Connell and Jones with Connell as Chair.     These guys aren’t wacko environmentalists and not one has sandbags around their houses waiting for impending global warming.    These people are rock solid and care about our community.       Whom else would be choking on Hydrogen Sulfide on New Year’s Eve than Derrivan and Jones trying to seal the Landfill; who else is as well versed in ordinances and zoning than Councilor Connell?

I am not pleased but I will hold my tongue until I learn more!

-P. Preservationist



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