A Walking Tour of Newburyport

I started P. Preservationist because of an Internet problem.     When the Newburyport Preservation Trust (NPT) was just getting started, their website was hosted on another site which had limited memory.      After some exciting notices, they ran out of pages and were stuck.      They were taking a long time to resolve this situation and in fact they are still taking a long time.    Their long delay and the fact the board decided to concentrate on education and abandon advocacy for the time being; prompted me to start the blog.  This way, preservationists in the city could be kept updated on threats and issues and have downloadable resources to use.    


It is my hope that as the NPT finally gets setup on the Internet, my site will fade into the background replaced by a powerful resource for homeowners and preservationists alike.    


Everything I do on my site is to advance Newburyport through advocacy, education, promotion and just plain encouragement.     I am not an historian but if revealing history promotes Newburyport, then I will use history.    I am not an educator but if knowledge promotes preservation, then I will teach.    I am not a politician but if political action promotes our historic city, then politicking I will do.


Another much anticipated project by the Preservation Trust and the Chamber of Commerce is a Walking Tour brochure.     Right now, there is this pitiful pamphlet available at the Welcome Center that is the only resource for visitors to see the city as it should be.    


The question is, "How did we descend into such shallowness?     Why do most visitors know nothing about our Great City?     They know something is a foot.     Last night, strangers from a distant state asked my wife and I in Boston last night where we lived.     I said Newburyport and the first thing they exclaimed was, "We LOVE Newburyport!", and they ogled at us as if we lived in Beverly Hills.       Visitors expect uniqueness and the wonders of history when they come to our city and what do we give them?     A floppy one-sheet, folded flyer.


But The NPT is getting ready to release a real treat for locals and guests.      Unfortunately, they are taking too long!      So, fire up your printer and here is what used to serve as a guide to our city, A Walking Tour of Newburyport.     Places like the YMCA and O’Brien’s Furniture Store are gone now but most of the guide is still very current.     


Print it out and when the Preservation Trust finally gets it’s act together, you can pick up a very nice one down at the Chamber!


-P. Preservationist



About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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