Am I over-exaggerating?

Mayor Moak’s Energy Advisory Committee (EAC) is claiming that the dangers of the ‘Giant’ wind turbines are over-exaggerated.       
The question for those who have to sift through the statistics from both sides is, "Is it worth taking a chance by installing a host of giant wind turbines?"
When it comes to environmental impact, there will be no going back.
Can you imagine the great ‘mistake’ that almost happened this last decade when factories and housing was planned for the historic Common Pasture?        Do we say after terrible flooding and dried up watersheds and overstressed city services, "Oops, we made a mistake.      Let’s tear up the pavement, buy back and demolish hundreds of new businesses and homes and then hope some farmers will think to come back and start using the restored agricultural lands after a few years?"    Of course not.   
Once the Common Pasture is gone, it will be gone.        There will never be an opportunity to go back.
Think about that when you picture twenty-two (22) Giant wind turbines in the industrial park.
If you want to know what else is being lost in the country, check out this article in Nature Conservancy.
-P. Preservationist

"Conservationists have to win again and again. Developers only have to win once."
 — David Ross Brower (1912 – 2000), environmentalist, founder of Sierra Club Foundation, Friends of the Earth, League of Conservation Voters, Earth Island Institute, first Executive Director of the Sierra Club  —



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