It’s Time to “Come Together”

Newburyport Today brought up the subject of Yankee Homecoming.

It’s time that something needs to be said and now is the best time to say it for the sake of advance planning.
The original intent of a yankee homecoming was that anyone that has ever lived here or visited here is invited back at this special festival to celebrate all that there is about Newburyport.    
Fortunately, even though our large festival never seems to make it on the announcement lists of festivals in travel sites and travel magazines; a huge mass of people have assembled every year to enjoy this wonderful event-filled week.      And for years, local residents would invite their families and friends to gather for special cook-outs and jaunts downtown.          
But in the last few years, instead of supporting Yankee Homecoming, an ever-growing group of people have made plans to leave the City to avoid the congestion.     This, coupled by the Chamber’s intense desire to discourage non-profits from showing their faces during this special time has begun to take the community spirit out of our ‘great time’.
We need people to do their ‘fun’ civic duty and bring individuals TO Newburyport.     
Even more important, this should be a time when businesses, churches AND non-profits should be using this time to showcase their causes and products.         This should not solely be a time to "pluck the chickens" in the hen house though I certainly wouldn’t discourage it!      When I go to Topsfield Fair , I certainly don’t see ‘for profit’ booths demanding the local church groups shut their doors!
That is why I am glad to see the Yankee Homecoming Planning Committee choosing the theme, "Come Together".
Let’s bring out all of the City and bring as many visitors as we can!    They certainly won’t begrudge it.
It’s about time. 
-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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