Secret Agents

I wish there was more activism going on out in the community when it comes to historic preservation.
Citizens for Environmental Balance has pledged to support any initiatives but I haven’t seen much lately from it in the last month or so.     The Newburyport Preservation Trust claims to be gearing up for activism and education but they don’t even have a functioning website.        I have spoken to some of the members and they enthusiastically claim they are "working behind the scenes".          
This has led me to believe that secret agents are lurking amongst us!     
I for one don’t see much in the way of editorials, brochures, flyers, public announcements or even notifications to the NPT membership.      Remember, I am a member and I don’t hear or see much of anything.        We’ve got landmark initiatives, local historic district ordinances, new developments downtown and historic preservation threats abounding and new pledges of support by our new Mayor and I’ve heard nothing.      There’s not even e-mail chatter out there.   
But rest assured, there are secret agents out there working on our behalf to protect our property values and our heritage economy.      When you’re trying to figure out how to restore or renovate your old home, there ‘out there’ doing something secret on your behalf.     
I would like to put out a warning to those who keep baseball bats next to your bed in case Dick Cheney pops out from under it.      If you hear a stir and someone does loom over your bed, try to refrain from swinging.       That’s one of those historic preservation secret agents coming up for air!
-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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