There is still time to stop it! – Wind Energy Siting Bill

Unfortunately, the Senate, continuing the same path of disregard for the concerns of local cities and communities, passed this odious bill.        This, of course, is exactly why people have become so enraged – this desire to strip away our local rights and deposit them in the morass of State Government Bureaucracy.       And of coure, the first thing they’ll do is defund the advisory board so its ears and eyes will be cut off making it defenseless from consultants, lawyers and special interests!
The bill now moves to the House.       This means that Representative Mike Costello and other representatives in our area can start to move to squash this thing.
Yes, Yes, I know.     A certain Representative voted for the liquor tax and other damaging levies and disregarded the legitimate concerns of our local community.     But that certain Rep also said at the recent annual meeting of the Parker River Clean Water Association that the environment is of primary concern for him especially when dealing with Amesbury, Newburyport & Salisbury.
Here is his contact address: (I’ll provide the other regional representatives tomorrow)

MICHAEL A. COSTELLO, State Representative

State House    

Room 167       

State House    

Boston, MA 02133     

T: 617-722-2230       

F: 617-722-2846 

Mayor Moak’s Energy Advisory Committee (Don’t EVER pin this group to Mayor Holaday) tried to clarify themselves today but they didn’t apologize for their dismissive attitude toward environmental and human concerns.

I just got wind of a new concern (Which I will have to do some research on) about the resonance issue from the Giant* Wind Turbine.      Semiconductor manufacturers use a variety of resonant dielectric oscillators in their products.     The Low-frequency noise from the turbine can actually affect electronic equipment.      The first thing I am thinking is Rochester Electronics and MTI-Milliren among others.  (I bet Rochester Electronics is happy they didn’t go for a Giant* Wind Turbine on their property!)     Like I said, I will research this and post the proper documentation.        

The Mayor is incorrect in one aspect.     We already have a lot of technology companies in the industrial park.     If this resonance is a real concern, will these companies have to expend cash they don’t have to shield themselves?     

-P. Preservationist

* Small wind turbines, geo-thermal, solar power, energy-efficient vehicles and improved building efficiency – you know what kind of postings I’ll have on the P. Preservationist?    Nothing.      All you’ll hear if anything are crickets (Oh, and the trains arriving and departing from the train station.)



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One Response to There is still time to stop it! – Wind Energy Siting Bill

  1. Ari says:

    Hi, I\’ve been following your blog for some time and have never commented here before. But you inspired me to create an account this time, to respond to your statement about the EAC belonging to Mayor Moak and not Mayor Holaday.While it is true the committee was formed during the Moak administration, his successor has embraced the committee and has changed its bylaws to not only advice the mayor but also advice the city council. Additionally, Mayor Holaday has taken an active role in appointing Mike Strauss as its chairman and other administrative issues relative to the committee. For what it\’s worth.

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