The Case Against GIANT Wind Turbines in Newburyport

In politics, you are not supposed to reveal your true motives and you are never to say the obvious truth.        This is the arena of the "possible".        Facts, Figures, History and Science aren’t necessarily left behind as much as they are ignored or misinterpreted or revised or twisted.        Politics is about "big ideas" regardless if they work or not.
So, breaking these rules, I will make it clear that I want to completely stop having any more GIANT wind turbines in Newburyport.      They damage the environment, damage our heritage tourism, damage our property values and damage our health and safety.       I also refuse to accept the "big idea" that losing so much of our quality of life is worth it so more people in America can see Dancing With the Stars on giant flat-screen TV’s.       Of course, they try to couch the end result by saying we are to "Save the Planet" and we must push for "Green Technology".        Huge propelling blades in place of smoke stacks* is supposed to be "Green" while behind our backs, courts and legislators are dismantling our Clean Air Act.         Politics is also the arena of bi-polar patients who are beyond reason.
One of the signs of being bi-polar is doing repetitive actions in the hopes of seeking a different result.        A good example is the idea of GIANT wind turbines being put even higher in the hopes of getting better results.       Now we’re talking about 400′ not 300′ and some are even advocating as much as 1,000′ to get maximum results.      
First, I will be shortly putting a list of the issues concerning wind turbines on P. Preservationist.      Second, I want to make it perfectly clear that I don’t mind GIANT wind turbines out in the ocean in wind farms in high wind velocity zones. (We are not in a high wind velocity zone.)      I am not against small wind turbines and I am not against more efficient building codes (As long as special consideration is given to historic homes) and more efficient living practises and I am very much FOR alternative energy sources that actually are "green" such as solar power and geo-thermal.
And of course, it would be nice if two more components are included: common sense and real science.
-P. Preservationist
* Power Plants these days produce but a fraction of the pollutants they used to produce with the implentation of "scrubbers".

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