A GIANT Distraction

There has been such great news and exciting happenings concerning historic preservation.      I am bursting with excitement to announce them.     Plus, after much labor; I can finally get some ‘House Stories’ relayed.        Following that, more information on how historic Newburyport is already a green city because the most green building IS an historic building.     I have much information to relay on that front.       LEED certification is now opening up to greater stress on greening pre-existing buildings with even more coordination in the future.     Stay tuned on all these fronts.
Unfortunately, I have to deal with GIANT wind turbines – a major threat to our City.      Even with all the big campaign talk, the Mayor’s office is silent as the EAC steamrolls a threat that will make the landfill look like a minor inconvenience.   
If anyone reads The Green Community Act which is readily available on the City’s website; it doesn’t take much to find out that the Act if GIANT wind turbines are taken out of the quotient, will be a great asset for our community.      Energy-efficient city vehicles, energy efficient practises in our public buildings that will save THOUSANDS, more stringent "stretch" building codes (that will cost thousands in the short run so it’s iffy in this economy) and thousands of dollars in grants perhaps in geo-thermal, solar power and small wind turbines.
And yet, Mayor Moak’s Energy Advisory Committee has GIANT wind turbines on their mind.       I fully expect an undue stress on these monsters even though the City taxpayers receive no direct benefit from them except a lot of environmental impact.        No revenues will come to the City except by overblown claims by consultants.      First, we’ll have 300 homes powered by them, now its 116 homes, etc.        And will a single taxpayer receive a credit on their bill?       I wouldn’t waste time looking because it won’t be there*.
I will focus on all the information I have found on these beasts.     The more I learn about them, the more I realize what a disaster it will be to bring these structures into our city limits.       Unfortunately, as Tom Salemi has observed, the vast majority of Newburyporters will go about their business happily unaware until one of these GIANTs looms above their homes.         Then it will be the all too familiar cry, "Why weren’t we told?"   And that’s befoe they even begin to rotate!
As for the ‘Ugly Truck’, I will leave that to the owner.     Today, after verbally assaulting and insulting the citizens of Newburyport, his new tack is the selfless victim who was only trying to do good in the world.      He says he has not received any direct complaints.       Would you dare against a madman?      Try it and see a summons dropped in your mailbox!      The best thing to do is trust our legislators and send letters of complaint to the Mayor and the City Councilors.      If you don’t, the Ugly Truck stays!     Intimidation politics works unless the citizens stand up and are heard.     Remember the Tea Guy on the A-frame signs?     He threatened he would go out of business unless he had a plastic A-frame chained to a city lamppost.         He went out of business anyway but now we still have plastic A-frames chained to city lampposts.     It works!     
Whether it’s the BIG threat of wind turbines or the nuisance of a dark sider, nothing will change (or get worse) unless the citizens are heard!
-P. Preservationist
* Unless the City builds onein the Stump Dump overlooking the beleagered Quail Run Neighborhood already reeling from the Landfill smells!

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