That was quick!

After reading about the Planning Director being replaced, I sent an e-mail to offer my condolences and the e-mail bounced back!        I guess that is that.   What ever happened to "two week" notices and such?
Definitely no negative reflection on Mr. Sullivan, this sudden change means city urban planning is back.        Mayor Moak was no friend to any such notion of ‘planning’ and such thoughts as ‘Site Plan Review’.       He would have preferred it by calling it by its old name, "The Office for Community Development".     Hence he hired Mr. Sullivan who specialized in economic development.      This paralleled the old concept that a community must grow into prosperity.    Translated simply, more business, more construction, more building and if all else fails, more buildings.
Sophisticated concepts of urban planning, business incubation and ways to improve quality of life issues will now be the way to proceed.     It also means that we will be returning to the Master Plan of 2001.    Mayor Moak didn’t feel bound to the Master Plan and largely disregarded it.   Per the "Plan", there are still many unfulfilled objectives that a planning office is supposed to be working on which have basically been in suspended mode.       The Master Plan pushed major for local historic districts and a sidewalk maintenance plan and strategic land use neither which have progressed very far.     
-P. Preservationist
PS. I know I am dreaming and I know he would be hard to control but Mayor Holaday comes across as a ‘strong’ Mayor.     Can Nick (Cracknell) come back now?

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