Politics is Tiresome but Necessary!

Newburyport historic homeowners need a lot of assistance and I plan in the coming months to provide an even wider expanse of resource material to help them.     Unfortunately, the Newburyport Historic District is presently beset with dangerous issues that could sabotage its very existence.
I refuse to allow Newburyport to go the way of mediocrity.            Call it loss of economic vitality, loss of jobs, loss of uniqueness, loss of property values, loss of visitors and a loss of opportunity.   You could call it all these things but the worst would be to  see a lowering of our high quality of life.        Call it many things but there are a great many forces out there who, with probably the best of intentions (or not), want Newburyport to subside into a rather sleepy, perhaps shabby, bedroom town of Boston.
I account it as a lack of vision or a sad kind of a vision.       Either way, it won’t be good for Newburyport.
I will do my best to balance between the political threats and the educational helps as best I can.    I know that the season will soon begin again on restoration and renovation of our buildings.      Everyone inside the historic district needs as much help as can be mustered!
The biggest problem is that some of these issues just go on and on.      Issues such as the Crow Lane Landfill, the (Large) Wind Turbines and the constant threat from uncaring developers.        And no, it will never end.      The Founding Fathers recognized that keeping liberty and democracy alive would be a constant fight for America.      History has proven they were correct.         If Newburyport is to be preserved as it presently stands and even improved; it will be a constant fight.       From what I have read and seen in the Library’s archive room, history has also proven that statement correct.
We need to be vigilante!
-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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