Fighting over the scraps!

Like dogs fighting over scraps, there is just so much money available – which will mean either everyone will get just a fraction of what they want and no one will be happy or a substantial lot will be walking away with empty hands!       I do not envy the CPC!

I see more than smashed furniture coming out of this, someone is going to get hurt – not even mild-mannered Mike Dissette is going to settle this rabble down.

Optimistically, there may, and I repeat may be about a half million available and the total cost of projects submitted, $1,742,390.00.        

Seriously, the Community Preservation Committee has absolutely done a fabulous job since its inception.       I have seen them very carefully sift through the applications and have asked the hard questions.      Their competency has been a blessing to the City.        I think this year, though, will be their toughest yet.

But keep in mind a fact that many do not understand.     They don’t decide how to spend the money.     City Council does! (The Mayor can even veto a project approved by the City Council!)   What the CPC does is provide their highest recommendations to the council.   You, as citizens, can have a voice in which projects should proceed.       Through letters to the CPC (via the Planning Office) and letters to the city councilors; a definite difference can be made.       Just keep in mind, by CPA rules, 30% of the money must go to affordable housing, historic preservation and open space. (10% for each category at the minimum).      

I have attached the list of projects in the Current Events folder.      Feel free to download it.

-P. Preservationist



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