You haven’t seen anything yet!

I just finished re-ordering the ‘History of Newburyport’ folder and the ‘Craftsman’ folder.
For those who think that what they will find is all there is out there are grossly mistaken.     For every piece I have uploaded, I have dozens in the works – they just aren’t to publishng standards yet.     When I can clean them up, I will be greatly expanding the host of resources to assist the beleagured historic homeowner!
The same goes with the ‘History of Newburyport’.     I have hundreds of pieces to upload – it is truly amazing how much ‘history’ is packed into a small city like Newburyport!     The biographies alone will astound.       
Newburyport is like Dr. Who’s Tardis.       You think it’s just a small place until you open it up and find endless compartments, hallways and rooms.    
Councilor Herzog was going on about the Google Fiber and mentioning a very famous personage who came from Newburyport, Francis Cabot Lowell, of which the mighty City of Lowell is named after!     I’d forgotten that this guy was one of the founders of the American Industrial Revolution.          There are so many people who came from Newburyport and created great empires.        Whether it was Captain Couch and Portland, Oregon or John Bromfield and Boston to Wheelright and South America or American Silversmiths, Donald McKay and Clipper Ships, and so on; somehow The Curse causes the spawner of great achievements to be forgotten.
Either way, I plan on making this rich history available for easy downloading and reading*.      
-P. Preservationist
* I have backups and stored copies in case The Curse comes after me!

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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