Messin’ with the foundation

Since the inception of the Master Plan, a lot of wonderful things have been instituted.       There have been cries for upgrading it since so many have been accomplished or are well on their way of being accomplished.         Some of the goals have not been fulfilled but the groundwork to see them come to pass is now in place.        Goals such as establishing affordable housing units, a senior center and local historic districts are all well on their way.       The City has not yet established a Sidewalk Improvement Plan but there is a gathering storm of desire to do so.        
But the Master Plan identified the key element to all the other goodies: the central waterfront issue has to be resolved.   And our new Mayor is committed to the Master Plan and realizes how central that issue is but she is getting resistance.     
What we don’t need are Johnny-come-latelies.       People who have no idea how the City works, or what is in the Master Plan or what the community goals have been for years.     It’s all me, myself and I.      It’s all emotion and fears and waves and waves of ignorance.       
Regardless of your views, your opinion matters if you have it based on sound principles.      "I’m agin’ it" and callous threatening belongs in some hillbilly town.         I loved and respected the editorials in which people document and base their writing on sound reason and rock-solid references.    I was very impressed with today’s editorial on the police cameras.        Whatever the topic and whatever side is taken, that is the kind of political discourse that is constructive.      It allows the rest of us to listen and read and research and make informed decisions on our own.     Submissions like that do a real service to us all.
I simply have no respect for willingly ignorant people who base their actions on their own bias regardless of the facts.       
So let’s act like citizens of Newburyport and not an unruly mob.
-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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