Attention Cabin-fevered Citizens and Paralyzed Couch Potatoes!

The Park Commission is sending out notices about Operation Clean Sweep 2010!      
On April 17th (Saturday), every able-bodied person is needed to gather at Cashman Park at 9:00.       A continental breakfast will be provided.
We need as many as can come with leaf and regular rakes and work gloves to come and gather for a blitzkrieg on our public parks.        From there, groups will scatter out to each of our public areas and clean them up.       The Mayor has certainly called for volunteers to help the city.       This is the time to really put action behind the need.     
I am amazed every year at how much gets accomplished in such a short time.    Oftentimes, the volunteers begin dispersing around 1:00 (You can stay as long as you can to get a particular task done!) and the parks just shine.       There will be a special need this year due to our abundance of Nor’easters and Wintercanes*.
If you need more information as to what to bring, call 978.463.3545.    If you have a particular interest in a certain park, here is a short list:

Atwood Park – located between Atwood and School Streets one block east of Federal Street.


Bartlet Mall/Frog Pond/Washington Park – located on High Street between Auburn and Pond Streets.


Brown Square – located at the intersection of Green and Pleasant Streets. [Off-limits due to construction equipment]


Cashman Park – located at the intersection of Kent and Merrimac Streets on the Merrimac River.


Cushing Park/Ayer’s Playground – located at the intersection of Kent and Washington Streets.


Jason Sawyer Memorial Playground – located on Plum Island at the north end of Northern Boulevard.


Joppa Park at the Seawall – located on Water Street between Bromfi eld and Harrison Streets on Merrimac River.


March’s Hill – located at the intersection of High and Allen Streets.


Moseley Woods – located at the intersection of Spofford and Merrimac Streets on Merrimac River.


Perkins Playground – located at the intersection of Beacon Avenue and Lincoln Street.


Woodman Park – located at the end of Crow Lane (off Turkey Hill Road) on the west side of Interstate 95.

I am not sure, of course, but they may include Waterfront Park since the river has done some damage.
-P. Preservationist
* The Daily News’ term for a hurricane-like storm but in the wrong time of year complete with a central eye just like a tropical storm!

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