Disregarded by the wave of the hand

Mayor Moak was no lover of the Master Plan.     He deemed himself that he could arbitrarily disregard the ‘plan’ and do what ever he wanted.      This is not conjecture.    He openly and freely said it.    He also hated city planning which is why he disembowelled it as soon as he came into office.
He is gone now but unfortunately, he gathered around him people who may not have leaned as extreme as he but certainly were in his sphere of influence.      They still are in City Hall and infest some of the committees and commissions.
The new Mayor is committed to the Master Plan – that is great but it doesn’t mean the damage won’t continue for awhile.
I just learned from CEB that the Little River Transit Village Committee (Ad Hoc?) has arbitrarily decided to disregard the Strategic Land Use (SLU)work which talks about TDR’s.    That’s Transfer Development Rights.      The idea was to encourage development around the Route One Traffic Circle as compensation for the preservation of the Common Pasture and the Little River Basin.      This new group wants to disregard the SLU and just work on development.         This group wants to disregard the Open Space & Recreation Plan of 2005-2010 which particularly stresses the TDR’s.
I have not heard of this committee nor has CEB.      I don’t know who appointed them but I suspect it was Mayor Moak.       If you want to understand how wildly important the Strategic Land Use work was and also how powerful CPA funds were used in fulfilling the Master Plan, please read this fantastic historical dissertation that recounts first hand how the Common Pasture was saved.
If you understand anything about environmental, cultural and historic preservation, it will dawn on you how important TDR’s are and how the City can not afford to disregard them with "a wave of the hand".
-P. Preservationist

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