Being sold a bill of goods

I was all excited about the push for a 40R for land offered by the MBTA.      
That was unti I found out the MBTA which is desperate for money is trying to sell to Newburyport, "Florida Swamp Land".
Back when Florida was a hot, sticky swamp in the early part of the twentieth century, the biggest scam was selling cheap real estate in Florida with the promise of tropical paradise.     When the sucker showed up to claim his land, he found out it was mostly ‘underwater’.
I have found out from two different sources, one being Parker River Clean Water Association that the flood maps for some of the MBTA lands are off by as much as 2 feet.    PRCWA was working with the developer on the Newbury side on the Transit Village and that was when it was discovered.
I have not seen the definitive map of proposed lands being offered by the MBTA but some of the land is near Bixby which has suffered terribly because of incorrect flood maps.    Other parcels are full of fragmites, a clear sign of wetlands.         The Little River Transit Village Committee, the Mayor and City Council’s Planning and Development Committee had better scrutinize closely what the City is being offered.    
I hate to see our affordable housing paradise end up as "swampland"!
-P. Preservationist
PS. If you are new to this site, you my wonder why an historic preservationist cares about affordable housing,     We must build up our AF if we hope to beat the 40B’s which can even proceed against a local historic district.      Thus the pursuit is worthy, we just have to be careful of shysters!

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