Deadly Serious – Moveable Signs Amendment

The Newburyport Liberator and many bloggers and pundits think that inappropriate signage is a trifling affair.      They could not be more wrong.
When our downtown was restored and all that Federal money was poured into restoring the City, the central role of the NRA was the "Sign Book".    Even today, whenever the Redevelopment Authority meets, they hear petitions for signage and if the sign follows the ‘Book’, it is accepted.        Since these documents are readily available on the NRA website, no one is surprised by them and will quietly bring an appropriate sign plan to the meeting.        Thanks to this process, the NRA rarely has a problem with a signage application.     
Signage is a key part of our historic downtown. 
To begin to abandon aesthetics is to trash our historic city.
Therefore, whether it is plastic A-frames filling up our brick sidewalks or mobile signs on trucks, it is a serious business.
We need the Preservation Trust and other groups to stand up next Monday and speak clearly for the need to pass and then enforce this ordinance.     If signage is a ‘big deal’ to the Feds, it should be a big deal to us.
As anyone has noticed at Atkinson Park or the former Fitness Factory, the barn door is open and we will see ever more bolder violations unless we put a stop to it.
-P. Preservationist
                     Courtesy of ‘Newburyport Posts’

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