Slickies! – 33 Market Street

Well, I was very surprised that some form of compromise seems to be taking shape at 33 Market Street.    They have created a proposal to do two things.    To restore the classic Georgian roof line and to add dormers so that their addition in the back has western exposure.

Somewhere in the past, the Georgian roof was removed, or was there never a Georgian roof  in the first place?  

If you go around the city, there are many Georgian homes with dormers emerging from the roof line.      Is this forcing the situation or keeping in line with classic architectural practice?


The homeowners originally wanted to build some form of massive cylinder that would have largely obliterated the Georgian architectural style.      This design certainly sustains the classic lines and will, if argued, enhance the architectural purity of its original design.     

I think.

I would prefer they ditched the dormers but I have to admit this is being approached in a most imaginative, creative process and with the view of retaining the historic nature of the building.

The Zoning Board may have an issue with the expanded building in comparison with the lot size but that is not in the field of historic preservation.

I would love for the Preservation Trust and the Historical Commission to weigh in on this ‘compromise’.

Anyone out there with an expert opinion?

-P. Preservationist

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