Great News on the Lead Laws & Penalties

No one can argue that lead in the paint needs to be removed.     What one can argue is that government can be very heavy handed once it decides to do something.      Many in the building industry received notice of these new regulations in mid-April with a deadline by the end of April.       It was obvious with the bad economy and the unreasonableness that something had to give.
Therefore, I am very glad to hear about the postponement until fall.
This whole thing should have been approached in the same way the FCC dealt with the conversion to digital television.       But even then, several postponements of the deadline still had to be enacted.       Lead poisoning is much more important but the first people who get hit are the ‘poor’ and the ‘low income’.       They can’t just whip out extra money to cover the rapid increases.      With so many here in Newburyport concentrating on small jobs the refusal of some carpenters and contractors to touch an historic home has put unreasonable pressure on those already tight on money.     And then to learn that if you are able to secure a craftsman, you will end up paying as much as 30% higher.
What with the high number of homes with lead in Newburyport, great hardship has been temporarily held off.     A great sigh of relief for contractors, homeowners and the City (a burst of permit fees, yes!) with now the prospect of a rush of work before the next deadline comes!
-P. Preservationist

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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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