Jumbled Thoughts & a Correction

I was very happy to read this morning that the EPA has further delayed implementation of the lead laws & penalties.    This means further good news for Newburyport as this extends a healthy construction building season on into the fall.       It is also a lesson that notifying politicians does make a difference when citizens speak out.     The outcry had to have been the strongest on the Eastern Seaboard where older homes abound.
I was also very happy that the Inn Street Fountain has not been abandoned.      I was afraid that if the government was involved, we’ve have hoops to overcome and permits to be filled out with health regulations coming out of the closet making the whole process impossibly bogged down for months if not a year or more.      My impulse is to demand gallons of bleach poured on the ‘thing’ and call it a day!       Wouldn’t you do the same thing for a swimming pool?     
The Mayor’s work with Sail Boston is something that should have been done years ago and I am very glad she is beginning the process in earnest.       Having Salisbury bringing in tall ships into ‘our’ harbor and having them dock at Salisbury Beach is like having the U.S.S. Constitution stationed in Revere!      Very embarassing and making a lot of tourists and visitors naturally scratching their heads with, "That doesn’t make sense".
Which brings me to a correction.     Councilor Cronin who has been VERY involved with the Harbor Commission in the past indicated to me it was the Waterfront Trust that requested the dredging of the fish pier without notifying the Harbor Commission and the Maritime Museum.          I was also pleased that the present Harbor Commision Chair, Brad Duffin, is fully aware of the Maritime Museum plan.       I know the Mayor is also making sure the Newburyport Redevelopment Authority* and the Waterfront Trust are all on the same boat. (excuse the metaphor)
-P. Preservationist
* Due to heart-failure with some of the more ‘pacifist’ amongst us who are not aware what the NRA abbreviation stands for, I am spelling out the organization’s name from now on!

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