P. Preservationist as Adventurer!

Some may be wondering why I have dropped off in my submissions to the blog section of this site.      It certainly has not been due to lack of material.     The more I dig the more history I find about our City.       The more house stories I compile, the richer the information about Newburyport!    The more I know of our architecture, the more I learn of how to preserve it.  And…of course…there’s the political side – enough
to fill ten blogs. (Which makes me wonder why there is so much meager information lately on the blogosphere.)
Could the rest by drawn by the rare prospect of great weather?   I can remember freezing one year watching fireworks stream up into the air and into a fog bank with bright muffled flashes above our heads!     
It is great weather like this that makes me happy that I live in Newburyport.    Our sheer beauty in architecture and ecology is one of the few things that seem to filter beyond Whittier’s Curse.      All memory of our savage winters just seems to fade away.       
Well, I thought I would venture out and do some exploring.    Yes, beyond just visiting a restaurant or shop I have never been into or the attic of the Custom House, (As a member I should be at least allowed to take a peak!) but out to sneak into the hidden crevices of our City.     There are abandoned nature trails, smuggler tunnels, other tunnels and secret places that human eyes have not laid upon for many a year.    
I will share some of these things on the blog while the weather is grand!
Let’s start off with a maddeningly quick view that is seen only briefly as you cross the Whittier Bridge at 65 plus miles an hour.     One of the prettiest sites in all of the Commonwealth, the only way to catch this perfect scenery is to hang precariously from one of the spires of the bridge!   Thanks to the recent storm that knocked down the state fences, I managed to get onto the bridge just long enough to take these pictures.       Now, instead of the periphery of your eyes while driving, gaze upon these pretty sites in perfect safely:
                                               One of the prettiest sites in the state!
-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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