Newburyport’s Private Beach

Well it’s beach weather finally and with that, it’s time to announce to those woefully ignorant the facts about Newburyport’s Private Beach.      You might be thinking I am talking about the Plum Island Beaches at the point, but I am not.       Or about the beautiful stretch of sand that lies just south of the point and again I am not.

Newburyport’s private beach is in Newbury.     Or, to be more exact, private beaches.

Tired of paying for parking on the island.     Tired of the crowds that kick sand in your face!    Worry no more.

I’m speaking about the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.      

With the price of a duck stamp ($15.00), you have unlimited access to the refuge beaches.     Even when the Piping Plover is terrorizing the place*, the first parking space is always open.       That means no admission price and no parking fees!      You have non-crowded changing rooms and clean stretches of sand.        Where do you pick up the stamp?     At the Newburyport Post Office!

The trick is the timing.    The stamp is valid from June 30th of one year to the end of June of the next year.      Now is the time to enjoy the beaches of this year and the beginning of next.      

The duck stamp was originally created as a license for hunting migratory waterfowl.     The money was originally designed to help preserve wetlands for their hunting pleasure.     It has now morphed into an important support for the expansion of wetlands to be owned by the Federal government for the purpose of preservation.       Therefore, if you’re against hunting, it still should be an important thing to get a private beach as well as knowing you are contributing to the preservation of wetlands like our Great Marsh.

By flashing the stamp, you can get into the preserve for free.     

Any Towny knows this and now you do too.      Whether living in the City or elsewhere, the duck stamp is worth the nominal fee because it opens the door for national wildlife preserves all over the country.    

Enjoy our private beach!

-P. Preservationist

* These crazy birds lay their eggs out on the beach at the tide line.     Smashed eggs anyone?     The Preserve is closed off from about early spring to just about July and not re-opened until all the eggs have hatched.      Sometimes the preserve is closed as late as August!


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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