What Happened?

There are certain areas of our city that are signature Newburyport.       One of those is the drive eastward on Water Street starting from the Black Dog all the way to the Entrance to the Coast Guard Station.       It was not always that impressive and in fact, it was not impressive as recently as just a few years ago.     But now, it is one of the most anticipated views as people visit and pass on to Plum Island.

Part of the view is, of course, the impressive Robert Mill’s Custom House, the impressive Atkinson Building, the ivy-covered Benetton Building, Starboard Galley, the Newburyport Art Association and the innovative and attractive Tannery Building in front of the Coast Guard Complex.     And how can I omit the internationally-recognized Lighthouse Restaurant.

I am going to withhold judgment but there is a terrible destruction almost like an architectural castration that occurred today.

I can’t imagine what happened to cause it– notice that one third of the very door frame is missing!

Was it fire or water damage?      Did a car smash into the building?      Is this some sick idea of opening up the building for a retail establishment?      

  It must have been sudden because there is no building permit posted and the workers were hastily trying to clean up the area before the weekend hit.

  So what took a bite out of our beautiful view!?!

  I was truly horrified as this building lies next to our lighthouse and Starboard Galley!      My first instinct is to question, “Does anyone in the building department or the Historical Commission or even the Mayor know about this horror?

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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