Public/Private Works!

There was a time when the concept of the government working with commercial and non-profits toward a common good was considered radical.       Yet, such arrangements have been going on in Newburyport for most of the Twentieth Century and has been of great success.

People forget because it seems almost commonplace but our local banks have been tremendous when it comes to providing charitable money for infrastructure and improvements around the City.       Traditionally, such endeavors would be strictly within municipal control.      Evidence is everywhere.      Strolling on the boardwalk, the eye could easily land on some contribution by local businesses.     Whether it’s the flotillas, the boardwalk itself, the lovely landscaping or even memorials along the way; private, commercial banks and businesses have helped.      Every time we take our lives in our hands and go around the Route One traffic circle, if our eyes are not glued to the road; we may forget that the traffic circle which is government property has been beautifully taken care of by Germinara Oil.       Many businesses in town have chipped in to improve much of our community and have done it for years.

Public/Private also works in keeping our City looking sharp through non-profits helping the government.     If Atkinson Common was left with the cash-strapped Parks Commission, it wouldn’t look as spectacular as it does.      The Belleville Improvement Society works selflessly to create a true showcase that represents all of Newburyport.      Yet, the members do not own the park.       Parker River Clean Water Association maintains the Little River Nature Trail.       A trail that runs on City property all the way to Hale Street and yet it is maintained beautifully.      Not a stick is privately owned and the volunteers keep it open.      What about friends of Moseley Woods, friends of Parker River Wildlife Center, friends of the Council on Aging and the Newburyport Education Foundation? (and dozens of other groups)      Yet, the members do not own Moseley Woods or the Parker River Wildlife Preservation nor is all that volunteering require payment for helping seniors and our schools.

The dedication of hundreds in our City is responsible for making Newburyport city property shine and our municipal services a pleasurable experience.

The Mayor has called for more volunteers and yes, there is quite a potential pool out there of citizens who could turn the hundreds into thousands.

Let’s make Newburyport a great place to live!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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