Newburyport – a biker’s town

No, I’m not talking about motorcycles, but bicycles of every type.

Our new Clipper City Rail Trail makes bicycling a no-brainer for getting around town.      In fact, Councilor Herzog echoed the Boston Globe on the new feature on the MBTA trains that allow accommodations for bicycles on the weekends and holidays.      

Check out the details:

I was pedaling from the downtown on the Clipper City Rail Trail and saw the sweetest sight: train passengers in their fifties and sixties riding their bicycles off the train and straight down past me.      I might add, very healthy fifty and sixty year olds!

But when it comes to bicycle paths, we are truly blessed.        Of course, we have Geordie’s masterpiece but we also have the unfinished Clipper City Rail Trail, Phase II slowly convulsing toward reality.      You can take that path by leaving the train station, going under Route 1 and coming up where the trains idle and just as you come back on Route 1, the path leaves the road, slightly weaves and then goes like an arrow past the Tendercrop Farm cattle (or turkeys later in the year), crosses Parker Street and then continues all the way to High Street.        Of course, the route is rough going and not designed for a speed bike.        If the concrete barriers were removed, the bike path could go all the way to Joppa Flats.        I also noticed the path near the new sewer plant improvements have pushed the trail that goes from Joppa Park all the way to the border with National Grid property.     One day, of course, Phase II will loop around from the train station all the way to Michael’s Harbor side and connect with the trail under Route 1.

Another nine years, Mr. Vining?

Then, there is the beautiful bike path that runs from Union Street and Water all the way to Plum Island.      A safe and pleasant path to the beach! (Except when there are green heads i.e. peddle faster!)    Heading back from the island, the wise bicyclist takes Union to Marlboro to Purchase to Lime to Federal for a safe trip downtown.

Another spectacular trail is the Little River Bike Path.     Not well publicized but enjoyed by a few well-informed citizens, this trail runs through forests and pastures that are chocked full of birds and wildlife.     It took millions of dollars to build in federal money but handed over free to the City Of Newburyport, this expanse of open space has a nature trail on it and a smooth paved surface that was designed for heavy trucks.    

There are other bike paths like the ones that run along the Merrimack River in Maudsley State Park, shaded roads along the Artichoke Reservoir, the lovely trails at Moseley Woods and the dreamy hollow of Curzon Mills, plus the historic streets of Newburyport.     If that isn’t enough, just by crossing the Gillis Bridge, the Eastern Marsh Trail with its spectacular views of the Great Marsh and the woodsy Ghost Train Trail links either east to New Hampshire or west to Amesbury’s bike trail.

It is nice to know that not only are we a walking town, we are a bicycle-friendly City!

-P. Preservationist


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