No Capping This Year!

I suppose when Ms. Farrell-Lovett was writing this article on the landfill, she was thinking to herself, “Let’s try to be upbeat” but as she hurriedly wrote it to meet her deadline, even she could see the warning signs as she wrote down the facts and the quotes.      

“The capping of the landfill won’t be until 2011!”, should be the true heading for this piece.

One of the first talents a person needs to attain in politics is the ability to ascertain what is really going on when listening or reading the news.      One fact for example is that sometimes news that is really earth-shaking isn’t on the front page but often buried in the paper.     Journalists don’t have time to sit around and contemplate the philosophical impact of each event.        A trained eye will look for tremors that will cause an earthquake later.      When Greece had an economic meltdown, it was on a back page.        Later, it shook the very foundations of Wall Street.

The second talent is to discern what is really being said in a news piece.      Katie’s article sounds hopeful at first until the gritty details show up later in the article, such as,

“However, no resolution could be met on the design of the berm,…”

Ahem, the whole capping and the future issues concerning the landfill all center on the proper berm being put into place.     No proper berm means future gas escapes, erosion and even the entire collapse of the landfill and pollution pouring into the Common Pasture and the Great Marsh.     It is also the central issue of the mediation effort!

The second hint for disaster,

“Thibeault said he is concerned that time is running out as the end of the season approaches…”We’re running out of time,”…The two sides are working to finish by Oct 15,”

In other words, just getting the mediation done will take to Columbus Day and then there is still the berm issue and the actual capping.     Then comes winter.        I’m glad former-Mayor John Moak still lives in town.     He can see how his closing of the landfill by spring 2010 turned out!

As for the closing itself, I’m afraid that I won’t be the only one raising a stink.

-P. Preservationist


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