Not even in the subject line!

Sheesh, can’t a virtual guy get a break?     Yesterday’s typically histerical attack on the expanded local historic district didn’t even mention the P. Preservationist.         I bet most of the readers were going around saying, "What petitition?"  and   "Who are the signers?".        Apparently, the writer of the piece was too intent on attacking the messenger and forgot to attack the originator.
It was clear from his drivel that he hadn’t read my blog which explains the tax incentives and benefits resulting from historic preservation.       He obviously was too hung up creating this elaborate straw man argument of property rights.        It is interesting that all the opponents of LHD’s say the same mantra.      There must be some place where they go to get their ‘talking points’.
I’m glad it was in the Daily News.       Their readership is steadily shrinking so I wonder who will see it?     Still, they are the official paper of record in town – I hope someone counters this Viewpoint.      
Obviously, someone from the Bill Plante days is still hanging around who is against LHD’s.      The editorial was 751 words long when the paper clearly says they want 500 words or less submitted.        Let’s see a little impartiality here!
-P. Preservationist

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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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