A New Selling Point

I laughed out loud today when I happened to glance across at the full page ad for Stone Ridge Properties.      I saw this amusing statement by Celine for #5 Boardman Street.       

“Short distance to Newburyport’s new Rail Trail bringing you right to the train station.     Great opportunity…”

As I predicted, the Rail Trail is a powerful selling point for any property lucky enough to be near it.

For those locals and townies who remember, the end of Boardman Street (and the end of Lime Street in the South End) used to be Newburyport’s bad neighborhoods.        If you had the privilege of renting or owning, you had the joy of seeing the old worn warehouses of the DPW out your back window, a side glimpse of Jake’s Cafe which introduced into the neighborhood the loud noise of motorcycles, loud angry voices (with an occasional knife fight) and then late at night, wandering drunks.       

Now, the whole area is becoming upgraded and looking rather nice!   The old DPW has been replaced by a new development and some of the worn businesses and homes replaced by neat and tidy buildings.     And right amongst them is a stairway to the rail trail!

This is why I can’t understand the abutters to Clipper City Rail Trail, Phase II in the South End.        You can have a convenient place to dump your yard clippings OR you can have your property’s values increase because of being adjacent to a lovely parkway.     You can have a dark, dismal place convenient for burglars and malcontents or hear the happy voices of baby-carriage-hauling pedestrians and bicyclists.

As long as Mr. Vining doesn’t put in another toy train with that d___ bell*, it should be a rather pleasant and profitable experience!

-P. Preservationist

* It has been brilliantly placed between two high walls on the Rail Trail.    I have watched children ring that bell relentlessly for ten minutes or more until their parents started having that ‘look’ one gets from a frontal lobotomy.    


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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