Where does all the money go?

The saying, “Where does all the time go?” is apropos for the situation we are facing with the parking fees and the meals and lodging tax.

Whereas being faced with a full day and finding later the whole time squandered; we are faced with a more serious situation:

Having all this new income, only to find it’s been squandered, making us ill-prepared for the future.

John Macone, the editor of the Daily News, hit it on the nail today!       Will the new income set us up for infrastructure improvements or will it keep the status quo?       Is this scheme solely created to diversify City Hall’s budget or will it be a means to create a well-funded solution for the downtown and waterfront?

As it stands now, the Mayor is eyeing more the budget.     But is the corner office wanting to balance it on the backs of lodgers, merchants and restaurant & shop patrons?      

In a few days, P. Preservationist’s opinion poll on the Parking Garage will have been completed. (I’ll be commenting on that soon.)     Shortly, based on the numbers as tentatively posted in the newspaper, I’ll be asking what percentage of the ‘profits’ (okay, surplus monies.) aught to be going for infrastructure improvements and funding for the Waterfront Park. (Mr. Macone was right, the NRA has already decided to incrementally establish the park.   He must have gotten up on the right side of his bed yesterday!”)     But consider this also, what percentage will go for promoting our longsuffering businesses and merchants?

Anything that can be done to prevent these monies from going down the gullet of the General Fund is worth fighting for!

Let’s rally together to stop the wasting of this soon to be acquired income!

-P. Preservationist

The General Fund


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