My Stomach is Growling!

Yahoo, the work on Panera Bread’s new location on the former site of the Ming Jade has begun!    One more blighted spot can be ticked off the list.       This will also be a boost for Papa Gino’s – you can actually see the big sign on top of their buildings that was hidden by the shrubbery.      And the gas station on the west side is going to be a busy place.

I am getting hungry thinking of the tremendously wonderful panini’s I will be enjoying.     Don’t get me wrong, the Purple Onion has drop-dead versions (Try them if you don’t believe me.) but you have to want to go to the Downtown and enjoy the Inn Street experience to get one.

Soon, we’ll be able to grab one while we are doing all the other things that are necessary to do around Storey Avenue.    Plus, we have an extra incentive to snatch tourists and travelers off of Route 95.     They may even be tempted to take the bend into the rest of the City.      So many who are regular visitors or now live here have recounted how they got off the highway for a brief stop while on the way to somewhere else and drove into town out of curiosity.

Anything to get them to stop!     The Chamber should thank the Mobil Station and White Hen Pantry for making that stop a memorable one – and extend one to McDonalds and Papa Gino’s and Wendy’s as well as the many other businesses that service Route 95.

They might be serving a sandwich to a future Newburyporter!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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