Sidewalk Funding Ordinance

Councilor Cronin has submitted an ordinance to expand the monies for the sidewalk fund. 

Last night it was put into sub-committee.

What I am hoping for are two actions to come out of this:

Some serious discussion concerning sidewalk repairs in particular the historic district

And some substance to all this ‘carrot-stick talk’ about the money from the meals and lodging tax being used for infrastructure or for promoting more visitors for the downtown.

As I have mentioned before, the inconvenience of having to pay more in surcharges than other communities aught to be compensated instead of using it to diversify the general budget of the City.

My guiding principle when it comes to taxes has always been – does the money go to our community or somewhere else?    When they raised the sales tax – it goes somewhere else.
When thy raised the liquor tax – it goes somewhere else.
When the paid parking plan goes into effect, it comes to Newburyport.
When CPA money is levied (and then matched by a certain percentage), it comes to Newburyport.

This surcharge benefits us.

The question is, “Will it chase away the restaurant goers?  

No, it will not, nor will the paid parking.

After what I see in the region for restaurant attraction, where else can you find such a high concentration of fine restaurants than Newburyport and have an atmosphere to enjoy it in?     Salem and Portsmouth and both are relatively far away!

No, there is just two things that will chase away the visitors!

Lack of promotion by our Chamber and City and the weather!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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