Some long-term planning coming up.

There are a few get-down-and-dirty meetings coming up that are going to shape the future of Newburyport.

The first comes on Thursday when the Committee of the Whole Council will be discussing the Parking Plan as submitted by Mayor Holaday.     This will be at City Hall around 6:30.

On the same night, the Historical Commission will be meeting at 7:30 – tucked in the Agenda is the Planning Director’s thoughts on the coming Open Space Plan that will replace the present Open Space Plan that is expiring this year.    This will be extremely interesting since the Director will be revealing thoughts that come out of the Mayor’s office.

The Coastal Trail Coalition, fresh from the success of the regional rail trails will be having a meeting on Thursday also.    This will be held at the Plum Island Taxpayers’ Association building. (Just beyond the Plum Island Grille)     This important meeting will be highlighting future plans.

Then, which I have posted, is October 26th, 7:00, Police Station Conference Room; in which some ideas will be made about future projects for the Community Preservation Committee.      News will also be highlighted on how much money will be available.

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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