Save the Lower Green!

I try to concentrate in my posts subject material about Newburyport.      But sometimes, there are intrinsic qualities of our area that need to be brought to everyone’s attention.

We must preserve the Lower Green by the Parker River.       This is where the ‘Newburys’ had their start.   Perhaps forgotten after the preeminence of Newburyport and long after the heartbeat of Newbury was moved to the Upper Green; this area reflects such ancient history that it is a must for locals and visitors alike to be preserved and cherished.

Yet, developers don’t want to build in blighted areas – they want to stick houses and building tracts in pristine locations to get the maximum value for their investment.      This isn’t development, it is exploitation so the property owners can sit in a well-monied mansion far away from here while all the rest of us lose out.      It isn’t healthy capitalism but simple greed.

It isn’t green as they haul in materials from outside the local area, lumber from far away lands and destroy priceless farmland; to build energy-sucking, toxic-chemically producing homes.     They can slather ‘green’ all over but these homes have already destroyed the entire cycle of sustainability.

The Lower Green is part of the Essex Heritage National Byway that starts in Newburyport and ranges to Gloucester and beyond.        It is part of the Massachusetts State Byway and is part of the National Historic Byway.

It is why people travel from around the country and the world to see our area.

Be sure to show up to this free event and be prepared, even in this tight-economy, to spend some money – buy a pumpkin, purchase ‘something’ that will help this group purchase a ‘buffer area’ that preserves the value of this area from the view of Route 1A.

Hours will be Saturday, 10 to 4, Sunday and Monday, 12-4.

Take the time and save our region from a potential tragedy!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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