A tug on my wallet!

Perhaps you have noticed that certain companies have appeared in our area seeking giant wind turbines.      First in Newbury, then in Amesbury and there is even talk of some in Merrimac, Rowley and Salisbury.      

The legislature has chosen to pursue, even in this economic climate, to chase after windmills.     ‘Don Quixote’ Patrick wants 2,000 wind turbines in the state.     I wouldn’t mind it so much if they were actually out in the ocean where the wind is consistent and at high speeds.     No, he wants to dot our landscape with one after another of these failures.

Yes, failures.     Like the Dictator of Albania who built hundreds of beehive bomb shelters in his country, the Governor with the approval of the State House, wants to put these monsters to cover our landscapes.

As has been seen with the Mark Richey Woodworking turbine, the claim has been made that not only would this tower produce energy for the shop but provide for many homes surrounding.     

Nice claim.

Unfortunately, the energy generator can’t even fulfill what the ‘consultants’ claim.    It doesn’t provide enough for his business and it certainly isn’t providing enough for the homes in the area.

This whole thing is a get rich scheme.        Turbines will be popping up everywhere and guess who is funding them?

You are, the taxpayer.

This is a case of a bunch of dreamy green leftists creating a utopia on the back of middle-class Americans.     The end result is a handful of businesses and speculators making money as grants are liberally distributed across the state from the Clean Energy Council.     

Did you think these speculators are going to use their own money?

I certainly don’t have a problem with businesses making a profit.     That’s how people get hired and get raises.     But what I object is when they do it by stealing money from us.      Like the businesses that bought property around Titcomb Street in the hope of a parking garage so they can charge full price when the City needs the land; I, a conservative, hate such exploiters of the common purse.       This isn’t capitalism, it is thievery!

The Clean Energy Council will trample the best interests of local communities so that a select few will benefit and they will do it while local aid is cut and higher taxes are levied.      

This is nothing more than raw exploitation of the citizens for a so-called ‘benefit’ that will surely disappoint.

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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